Bosch Spark Plug (6728)


  • 2 times longer service life versus standard copper spark plugs
  • Ultra fine wire platinum center electrode requires less voltage to fire delivering exceptional ignitability
  • The laser welded platinum tipped center electrode provides longer life than copper spark plugs
  • Bosch tapered ground electrode delivers better performance.

Fits the following car models;

FORD EDGE 2011‐2016|FORD EXPLORER 3.5/3.7L 2011‐2016|FORD F150 3.7L 2011‐2014|FORD 3F150 3.5L 2015| 4.2/4.6L 2010|FORD MUSTANG 3.7L 2011‐2016|FORD TRANSIT 2015‐2016|FORD FLEX 2013‐2015

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