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About Us

Biribiaa Limited (Biribiaa!) is a recently incorporated electronic commerce enabler company and merchant services aggregator focused on the Ghanaian market. Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, we provide merchants with a platform to display a diverse range of products— including electronics, music, automobiles, furniture, appliances, groceries, pharmaceuticals, food, and jewelry— for sale. Offering them free marketing services and the opportunity to instantly increase their consumer base.

 We provide customers with the ability to gather information and make preferences between what merchants offer. Customers can buy poducts services or, order them for pickup for another date.  Not forgetting our exceptionally easy shopping experience with options of paying with cash on delivery, debit card or mobile money. Choose from our different delivery options to receive your product the same day or in less than 3 days. 

Our cutting edge location based technology locates the closest merchant with the customer’s desired product in stock, eliminating the time customers’ waste going only to big name supermarkets and stores.

Join us and shop for everything and anything !